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safely i●n the boats. Noteworthy is▓ the discipline and patience of the g▓allant 78th, when the transport Cha▓rlotte, in which they had embarked, for tr▓ansference from Batavia to Calcutta in 1816,● ran ashore on a sunken rock a few miles ●from the island of Preparis, and that so vi▓olently, that in fifteen minutes she● filled to her main deck.Though ●death was app

of the 91


arently imminent, the men behaved ▓like the heroes and soldiers they were.Every▓ man waited for orders, and there was● no sign of panic or disobedien●ce.The women, children, and sick were t▓ransported to the island, with● a few bags of rice only, an●d a few pieces of salt pork.It was four days ▓before the rest of the men and ●crew were landed on the inhospitable shores ▓of Preparis, and du

st.In 1846
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